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My paintings are about an experience of nature, an internalized landscape. I am interested in the inherent verticals and horizontals found in nature, the edge where things meet or dissolve. I spend time walking, driving and looking at the landscape at hand.

Thayers inspiration is drawn from nearby fields and marshlands. The emotionally evocative landscapes depart from pure realism to intensify the moody and dreamlike quality of these places. She is far more interested in conveying the atmospheric effects of a place than providing the details of an actual scene. She is known for her use of Venetian plaster as an under layer in many of her paintings which imparts a richly textured and earthy ruggedness to the surface of her panels. Thayer had a show of new work this past December in Boston. Her work is included in The Edgar Astaire Art Collection in London, England, The Palomo de Sagrera Collection in San Salvador, El Salvador, and The Gund Collection in Boston, MA.

She received her BFA in painting from the Massachusetts College of Art in 1994.

Awards include:

2009 A.R.T Grant recipient from the Berkshire Taconic Foundation, Great Barrington, MA

The Lawrence Kupferman Memorial Award, Massachusetts College of Art, 1994.

Gallery Affiliation: Soprafina Gallery, 450 Harrison Ave, Boston MA


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